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NOTE: This release and version documentation is no longer being updated. Please see our announcements on our blog or our GitHub releases.

Version 1.2.12 is a maintenance release in the stable 1.2-series of Mumble and the successor of Mumble 1.2.11.

Issues fixes in this release include:

  • In Mumble 1.2.11, the log would always scroll-to-bottom, even if manually scrolled up to view a previous message. Scroll-to-bottom is now only triggered if the log view has not manually scrolled by the user.
  • Fixed a bug where a stale overlay client could cause the Mumble UI to freeze under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where CELT and Opus encoders were not properly reset when using more than one frame per packet in Mumble. This would previously cause noisy artifacts at the beginning of transmissions.

For a full changelog, please see the diff between 1.2.11 and 1.2.12 on GitHub.

Please upgrade as soon as you can!