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NOTE: This release and version documentation is no longer being updated. Please see our announcements on our blog or our GitHub releases.

Mumble 1.2.2, the successor of 1.2.1, has been released on 9. February 2010.


My mumble full snap 122.png


User Information dialog

User information.png

We added a new dialog displaying useful information about other users on the server (e.g. packet loss). Depending on your privileges, you can also inspect the users' certificates and see their IP addresses. Note that the server has to be version 1.2.2 or greater for the client to be able to display this dialog.



The new release features a toolbar for easy access to commonly used functionality like mute and deafen.


  • Improved connect speed to large servers with lots of users and comments (needs updated server) through use of local caching of content
  • Servers using trusted certificates are now highlighted in green throughout the GUI.
  • CELT version bump; possible quality improvements as a result, on certain configurations
  • LOTRO, L4D2, and ArmA2 plugins
  • Replaced user-textures with avatars to make overlay more useful
  • Better overlay system on Win32 using the pipe method
  • Numerous GUI improvements, including consolidating and reorganizing the main window menus
  • Logitech G15 fixes and improvements
  • Made friend and server window icons skinnable (emblem-favorite.svg, etc, see Skinning)
  • Other small changes here and there

Bug fixes

This list contains notable bugs we fixed since the last release.

  • Bonjour LAN server discovery and resolving works again
  • G15 activation problems
  • memory leak on certain configurations
  • many other minor fixes


  • Protected local Ice sockets using the icesecret.ini parameter in the murmur.ini file; this makes Ice much more secure on a shared-host server without having to use Glacier.
  • Fixed a database upgrade bug (only occured when updating from 1.1.8 directly to 1.2.1)