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NOTE: This release and version documentation is no longer being updated. Please see our announcements on our blog or our GitHub releases.

Mumble 1.2.4, the successor of 1.2.3, is currently in development.

Feedback encouraged! - We rely on your testing and feedback to improve Mumble, if you find any bugs in the current stable or in a recent snapshot please report them using our bugtracker. If you think we lack an important feature take a look at the corresponding feature tracker.

Mumble (Client)

List of new features, improvements and bug fixes already in place for the upcoming release.


  • Opus support (work in progress)
  • Currently used codec on a server is now being displayed in the server information dialog (Server → Information)
  • Volume attenuation is now available for PulseAudio (Linux)
  • Hold-Time for Push-to-Talk, up to 5 seconds.
    After releasing the Push-to-Talk key Mumble continues to send voice for the configured time. This may be helpful when users release their key too early
  • Push-To-Talk Window (Configure → Settings → Audio Input (Push-To-Talk needs to be selected) → Display Push-to-Talk Window)
    Mumble Push-To-Talk Fenster.png
  • Audio cues now available for Push-To-Talk, Voice Activity and Continuous
  • Text-to-Speech can be configured to read back own messages
  • Positional Audio support for more Games and other improvements (context and identities) for already supported games


  • XInput 2.0 Support (Linux) TODO elaborate a bit on the new features/changes


  • Ability to limit number of lines in chatlog
  • “Intelligent” chatlog scrolling
    If you get new messages in the chatlog while you are not scrolled to the bottom, Mumble will no longer scroll down automatically to the last entry in the chatlog. This is helpful for scrolling and reading the chatlog while activity is still going on.


  • Default target for textmessages using the chatbar is now always the current channel. The old behavior can be configured in Configure → Settings → User-Interface → “Use selected item as chat bar target”
  • History for the chatbar is now keyboard scrollable with [Ctrl+Cursor up] or [Ctrl+Cursor down]

Context menu

  • Added a right-click context menu for channels, which lets you copy a Mumble URL pointing to the current server/channel to the system clipboard
  • Ability to ignore only text messages of users
  • Beside the absolute values you can see percent values of late and lost packets in Server-Information


  • Sort users by alphabet or by activity
  • Ability to not show inactive users in the overlay - with a configurable inactivity-time (default is 5 seconds)


  • New client-Error-messages
  • New message when providing a wrong certificate or password on login
  • Both shortcuts [Ctrl+O] (Server → Connect) and [Ctrl+W] (Server → Disconnect) have been removed
  • Support for new URI-protocols in messages, user comments and channel descriptions
    • Gadu-Gadu: gg://
    • Jabber: xmpp://
    • Skype: skype://
    • Email: mailto://
  • If Mumble is minimized, a click on the message notification restores it; to close the message notification, click the cross

Compatibility Client

  • Compatibility-Client for servers <= 1.1.8 has been removed completely
  • Default version string for Mumble-URLs is now version=1.2.0

Mumble-Server (Murmur)

Notable changes to Murmur, the server component of Mumble


  • New server variable opusthreshold
    If the percentage of users which can use the Opus-Codec is higher than this percentage value, then Opus is being enforced. Note: Users without Opus support can then no longer hear or talk to others.


  • Context menu entries (on other users / on yourself / on channels) can now be removed/added via Ice without the need of a reconnect
  • Users can be temporarily renamed via Ice (see this video for an example)
  • getLogLen does not require icesecretwrite anymore
  • Ice callback for text message events (userTextMessage), allowing for IRC-style robots among other things (a third-party MuMo-Module using this feature is already available)


  • If you create a new Mumble-Server, an automatically generated password is used for SuperUser and is written to the logfile
  • Obfuscation now works with IPv4-Adresses
  • If a users is muted, he cannot unmute himself in a temporary channel
  • Murmur command line option -wipelogs, to remove logs from the Murmur database
  • If command line option -ini was not given, Mumble-Server (Murmur) tries the following files in this order:
    • /usr/local/etc/mumble-server.ini
    • /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini
    • /etc/mumble-server.ini
    • /etc/murmur.ini
  • New server settings suggestversion, suggestpositional and suggestpushtotalk
    These new server settings allow the admin to trigger messages for suggested client configurations. The user will receive the suggestion messages when connecting to the server. As an example: If suggestpushtotalk is enabled and a user connects with no Push-to-Talk set up, the user will get a message that the server suggests using Push-to-Talk.


TODO: Add screenshots for Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, …