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Please edit this page if you created or found an application you think should be included. Note that you must register with the wiki in order to be able to edit it.


Name Platform Programming language Comment License Weblink
Plumble Android Java Voice activation (with customizable threshold) and push-to-talk, dual-pane channel and chat with gestures, draggable overlay, Bluetooth headset support, customizable theming, proximity sensor utilizing "Voice Call" mode, push to talk 'hot corners' toggleable in settings, hardware push-to-talk key support, chat notifications and more! GPLv3 GitHub
Mumblefy iOS Objective C Appears to be discontinued, last update was 2016. Proprietary Website
mumble-web Web HTML5 and JavaScript Quite a few features are still missing, most noticeably voice activity detection and all administrative functionality. ISC GitHub
talKKonnect Linux Go talKKonnect is a Linux CLI Headless Self Contained Mumble Client For Raspberry Pi with LCD, Channel Control and Granular XML Config. Using GPIOs you can interface with RF radios or other network radio technologies. MPL talkkonnect


With our Mumble Server - often called “Murmur” - we provide an official, stable and efficient server software. Unlike some other software, we encourage alternative implementations by documenting our protocol in an open way. From the community some server software projects are available, providing you alternatives to the official server. Be aware though that they may lack some of the newer features - so if that is important to you check that.

Name State Source-Language License Comment Weblink
uMurmur Stable C 3-clause-BSD uMurmur is a minimalistic Mumble server primarily targeted to run on routers with an open OS like OpenWRT. The server part of Mumble is called Murmur, hence the name uMurmur. Project page on code.google.com,

Project page and sources on github.com

Grumble Experimental Go 3-clause-BSD Alternative Mumble server written in Go Project page and source on github.com


Name Technology Comment License Weblink
gumble Go - MPL 2.0 [1]
Jumble Java (Android) Used for Plumble GPLv3 [2]
lua-mumble Lua (Linux) - MIT [3]
MumbleKit Objective-C - BSD3 [4]
MumbleSharp C# - MIT [5]
node-mumble JavaScript (Node.js) - MIT [6]
mumlib C++, boost::asio Basic functionality, no ACL LGPLv3 [7]
pymumble Python - GNU [8]
Mumble-Unity C# (Unity3D) - MIT [9]
NoodleJS JavaScript (Node.js) - MIT [10]


There are several browser based interfaces which can be used to administrate the Murmur server. If you need something very basic or want to create your own interface you should take a look at Murmur's script folder which contains some basic web-interface examples which use Ice or DBus (we recommend using Ice, as DBus is kept for backwards compatibility, and is not being extended for quite some time). Additionally the following table contains a collection of more elaborate Web-Interfaces:

Name Technology License Current Version Last Release DBus Ice 1.2.x Comment Weblink
Mumble-Django Python + Django GPLv3 V2.7 2012-03-31 Yes Yes Yes Channel viewer (internal and support for others), admin panel, IPv6, Channel Viewer Protocol, Munin plugin, CLI, supports multiple servers and instances, user registration, textures, gravatar, translated to English, German, French, Italian and Japanese [11]
MumPI PHP LGPLv3 V2.2.6 2015-12-09 No Yes Yes Admin and User functionality; multiserver (start, stop, add, remove, edit virtual servers), registration & online user management, interface admin, admin-group and permission system, serverviewer [12]
PHP Mumble Admin PHP GPLv3 V0.4.3 2013-02-07 No Yes Yes Complete administration control panel for Murmur designed for multiple virtual server. Website [13]
Mumbled Webinterface PHP GPLv3 V0.2 2010-01-22 (Inactive) No Yes Yes [14]
MyMumb-Panel PHP GPLv3 V0.1 2014-09-18 No Yes Yes Multi-server management, Users Managment and soon channel viewer. [15]

Note: We recommend using a preferably Ice or at least DBus capable interface.

Desktop Applications (GUI)

Name OS DBus Ice Comment Weblink
Murmur Admin Console Windows Yes No Add, edit and delete users over SSH [16]
Yulli Mur Windows No Yes Add, remove and control virtual servers remotely (supports SSH) [17]


Name OS DBus Ice Comment Weblink
mice multi-platform No Yes Helper script written in Python [18]
RegMum Windows Yes No Bat script DBus_scripts
mmctl Python Yes No 1.1.8 - Easy to use script for managing servers and adding users locally [19]
Murmur-manager Ruby Yes Yes 1.2.1 GitHub


Name Description Programming language Comment License Weblink
Stumble A fully extensible, SQLite enhanced bot, that ships with a standard extension library, including audio file saving and playback using FFmpeg. JavaScript (Node.js) - MIT [20]
Jeanne Jeanne is meant to be a powerful Music bot for Mumble, with voice recognition. She can stream youtube video and (web)radio, with features like on-the-fly playlist and auto-playing. JavaScript (Node.js) - MIT [21]
Calico A Mumble bot that connects to an SQL server and responds to text commands with audio / text responses. Built with piepan. Lua - MIT [22]
Eve-Bot From the website: This bot is written for online multiplayer communities playing games like TF2 or CSS, where the spectator's view of the game is sometimes delayed to prevent collusion. Python - 3-clause-BSD [23]
mumble-bots Several bot scripts based on Mumble Ruby. Ruby - [24]
mumble-dicebot Connects as a user to a Mumble Server and listens for dice commands. Ruby - WTF [25]
mumble-ruby A headless Mumble client which can send audio from a named pipe into a Mumble server. Further information is available here. Ruby - MIT License [26]
mumblebot Connects as a user to a server and listens for text commands. Among others it has a soundboard. Based on Mumble Ruby Ruby - [27]
mumblebot Connects as a user to a Mumble Server and can run local scripts to interact with the server. Python - 3-clause-BSD [28]
mumblecop Connects to a Mumble Server and listens for commands which trigger plugins. Several plugins included already, including ones for streaming youtube audio, rolling dice, and displaying a countdown. More plugins can easily be added. Uses Mumble Ruby Ruby - MIT [29]
mumblerecbot Connects as a user to a server and records the audio stream as a file. Is based on PyMumble. Python - GPLv3 [30]
piepan An easy to use framework for writing Mumble bots using Lua Lua - MPL 2.0 [31]
sftmumblebot A chat bridge between IRC and a Mumble Server. Python - GPLv3 [32]
Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot is an audio bot that can be controlled through text messages in the Mumble client, can download music from Youtube and other online sources. It offers many commands to control the MPD session which feeds the bot, for example to change the volume, display and load playlis(s), and many more. Ruby - - [33]
Ultros Extensible, multi-protocol, general-purpose bot. Python - Artistic-2.0 [34]
Mumsi SIP to Mumble gateway based on PJSIP stack and Mumlib library. Enables the user to participate in Mumble conference using SIP client or perhaps ordinary telephone, by VoIP provider. C++ - Apache-2.0 [35]
Botamusique Bot to play YouTube / SoundCloud / radio / local music on Mumble (using pymumble). Python - MPL 2.0 [36]
JJMumbleBot A plugin-based Python 3 Mumble bot with extensive features. Python - GPL 3.0 [37]

Channel Viewers

We encourage anyone developing a viewer to use the open and documented Channel Viewer Protocol to ensure inter-operability and compatibility.

Name Type Platform Provides CVP Reads CVP Proprietary (Non-CVP) Comment Weblink
Mumble.com Web Javascript No Yes No Enter the URL to the JSON encoded Channel Viewer Protocol provided by your Mumble host to create a unique channel viewer. Requires a CVP provider to query the Mumble server and generate the JSON. Mumble.com Status Tool

FlaskCVP Web Python, Flask Yes No No A minimalistic CVP provider written using Mumble-Django's connection library and the Flask framework. flaskcvp.py
GTMurmur Web Binary Yes No Yes Server-side binary for Murmur which adds support for GameTracker.com queries. Also provides CVP via socket which can be used by other channel viewers. GameTracker.com
MurmurQuery Web PHP No Yes No PHP class that reads CVP JSON data from the GTMurmur Plugin and displays users and channels in HTML. GitHub
Murmur-manager Web Ruby No No Yes GitHub
Mumble reader Web PHP/Javascript Yes Yes No JS Viewer which uses PHP with Ice 3.3 to query a Mumble server. Does not support the latest version of Ice (3.4) but the clean JS front-end can be used with other CVP providers. Webpage


MumPI Web PHP/Javascript Yes Yes Yes JS-Viewer uses own protocoll/calls to MumPI.

MumPI provides JSON-Channel Viewer Protocol-webservice for other viewers.

MView Web Javascript No Yes No JS-Viewer injecting HTML (no evil iframes etc necessary!). MView @Github
Mumble Watcher Desktop QT/KDE No Yes No Useful if you want to see who's online in a Desktop app without actually connecting, e.g. because you're on a PC without a proper headset. BitBucket
Mumble-Django Web JavaScript No Yes No An ExtJS component that inherits Ext.tree.TreeView to build a channel viewer. BitBucket Documentation
Mumble-widget Web JavaScript No Yes No A CVP compatible web-based channel viewer widget to display active users on your Mumble server. Easy setup, just copy and paste snippet of code to your website. Website Github JSFiddle Example
Command Channel Web PHP/JavaScript/EQdkp-Plus/Joomla!/WordPress No Yes No A robust channel viewer that has been packaged into several different formats for popular Content Management Systems. You can easily change the icons and colors used. Module for EQdkp-Plus

Extension for Joomla!

Plugin for WordPress

PHP only

JavaScript only

JavaScript Documentation

Source code

Module for Drupal 7 (Based on the above)

PHP Mumble Viewer Web PHP Yes Yes No Project abandoned. phpmumbleviewer.coolcow.org
Voice Comms Viewer Web JavaScript No Yes No A site that creates Channel Viewers for Mumble, Teamspeak & Ventrilo using the Channel Viewer Protocol commsviewer.com
Mumble Channel Viewer Web JavaScript No Yes No Chrome extension that reads CVP JSON or XML data and displays channels and users. Chrome Web Store



Mumble Authenticator Introduction.png

Authenticators allow server administrators to adjust the login back-end of Mumble servers. This allows users to log in with their account information of an existing database, for example logging in with their data from a forum.

Account Source License Weblink
phpBB3 3-clause BSD mumble-voip/mumble-scripts phpBB3
SMF 2.0 3-clause BSD mumble-voip/mumble-scripts SMF 2.0
SMF 1.x 3-clause BSD mumble-voip/mumble-scripts SMF 1.x
LDAP 3-clause BSD mumble-voip/mumble-scripts LDAP
Eve-Online GPL public-api2.2.py
Drupal 3-clause BSD mumble-drupal-auth

Miscellaneous Scripts

Name Type Platform Protocol Comment Weblink
Evebot Bot Python Mumble client Relays comms from one channel to another with a delay (to synchronise comms for time-delayed game spectators, for example) Evebot
Mumo Bot Python ICE Highly extensible script that can use external events (such as gamestate changes) to dynamically shuffle users into channels and groups. Support for various user states and the game "Battlefield 2". mumo
Murmur-Munin Statistics Python ICE A plugin for Munin to create statistics for your Mumble-Server. Murmur-Munin
Murmur-REST RESTful API Python ICE A RESTful API for administering virtual Mumble servers. Built with Flask and Ice. Murmur-REST

Server Deployment and Management

These tools will help you deploy and manage Murmur servers.

Name State Source-Language License Comment Weblink
Mumble-Docker Stable Shell/Dockerfile MIT A container which includes a mumble-server, a music bot (Botamusique). Easy deployment with access to conf files, logs and databases for easy backups. Maintained by ajmandourah Project page and sources on github.com, Docker Hub link
docker-murmur Stable Shell/Dockerfile MIT Run a Mumble server (murmur) in a docker container - built for easy deployment and management at scale. Project page and sources on github.com