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Authenticators allow server administrators to adjust the login back-end of Mumble servers. This allows users to log in with their account information of an existing database, for example logging in with their data from a forum.
#REDIRECT [[3rd Party Applications#Authenticators]]
== Available, known authenticators ==
* [https://gitorious.org/mumble-scripts/mumble-scripts/trees/master/Authenticators/phpBB3 phpBB3] [3-clause BSD]
* [https://gitorious.org/mumble-scripts/mumble-scripts/trees/master/Authenticators/SMF/2.0 SMF 2.0] [3-clause BSD]
* [https://gitorious.org/mumble-scripts/mumble-scripts/trees/master/Authenticators/SMF/1.x SMF 1.x] [3-clause BSD]
* [https://gitorious.org/mumble-scripts/mumble-scripts/trees/master/Authenticators/LDAP LDAP] [3-clause BSD]
* [http://bawki.de/mumble/public-api2.2.py Authenticator against Eve-Online] [GPL]
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