Configuring Murmur

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Murmur (A.K.A. mumble server)

Ini file

The server configuration is done through the murmur.ini file. Here's an example file:

# Welcome message sent to users
welcometext="<br />Welcome to this server running <b>Murmur</b>.<br />Enjoy your stay!<br />"

# Port to bind TCP and UDP sockets to

# Users hear themselves? (Testmode)

# Path to database. If blank, will search for
# murmur.sqlite in default locations.

# Password to join server

# How often should commands from the database be checked?
# The default is every 10 seconds. Unless you're writing your
# own scripts, don't bother with this.

# Maximum bandwidth (in bytes per second) clients are allowed
# send speech at.

# Maximum number of concurrent clients allowed.

Is pretty self-explanatory.

Using an external database

It is possible to use an external database instead of SQLite: