Deri Lorus

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Deri Lorus, an Indian Music Artist, and a Gospel Music Composer. He was born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His keen interest in music was kindled by a gospel artist from his church. He along with his brother, Dan Emil Joshua, started to learn music from their cousin. These brothers together own a Record Label called 'D Flat Records'.

Deri improved his skills in music day by day and he became well versed in playing keyboards at the age of 14. He soon realized his passion and started to pursue his career in music. His songs are available on all digital platforms. He became well known in social media and one can find him very active in it. About 4.5k listeners he has in ReverbNation. He has a number of listeners in Spotify as well as subscribers on YouTube. His official Facebook page has 4.5k followers. On his Instagram page, he posts quality music videos.

This budding artist's realistic feature in his music attracts most of the people and makes them listen to his compositions. His undeniable interest in music helped him to set goals to achieve it. "My music journey started at a very young age. My ambition is to produce good music for Christ.", Says Deri Lorus about his music journey.