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=== Current Development ===
=== Current Development ===
* [[To-Do_List|Our TODO-List]]
* [[Planned Features|Our planned features]]
'''Non-Main''' (e.g. libs, mobile versions, etc):
'''Non-Main''' (e.g. libs, mobile versions, etc):

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Developing is one way to contribute to the Mumble project.

You can help us review and clean/refactor our code, implement new features or update outdated ones (like our pos-audio plugins). You can then submit the patches to us and we will gladly review them and probably accept them. :)

Current Development

Non-Main (e.g. libs, mobile versions, etc):

Quick-Links to Sourceforge

If you want to checkout the latest source code, just clone our git repository at git://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble.

Developer How-To's

In General