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This pages is for all sorts of ideas and musings that started in #mumble, mostly on improving usability. The intention of improvements on this page are to increase the potential user base and decrease the barrier to entry for Mumble. If an average, non-technical user asks "why does this X," or gets frustrated with something, it should end up here.

Possible improvements:

  • problems with ICE usability/integration
  • INI simplification, logical server management
  • ACL improvements
  • Initial audio wizard improvements

Audio wizard

I feel like an overwhelming majority of users will click "next" through the wizard until they're "allowed" to connect to something. A large portion of personal experience with VoIP setups are typically in-game; eg, a new user needs to connect to VoIP as fast as possible. This person is not interested in complicated configurations, typically has people wait on them, and wants it to get working ASAP.