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== '''Quick Links''' ==
== '''Quick Links''' ==
[http://www.mumb1e.de/de/downloads/currentmaprelease '''Download'''] (MAP V2.4.2 from 04/17/2011)<br>
[http://www.mumb1e.de/de/downloads/currentmaprelease '''Download'''] (MAP V2.4.3 from 12/23/2011)<br>
[http://www.mumb1e.de/ Homeage] (Support, Informations)<br>
[http://www.mumb1e.de/ Homeage] (Support, Informations)<br>
[http://tracker.mumb1e.de/ Tracker] (Bugs, Feature-Request ..and more)<br>
[http://tracker.mumb1e.de/ Tracker] (Bugs, Feature-Request ..and more)<br>

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Quick Links

Download (MAP V2.4.3 from 12/23/2011)
Homeage (Support, Informations)
Tracker (Bugs, Feature-Request ..and more)


Map v240 1.pngMap v240 2.png Map v240 3.pngMap v240 4.png


Map logo.gif
Mumb1e Admin Plugin is a powerful Murmur web interface application written with PHP that can create useres, edit themself and a lot more for Mumble server. MAP is developed over more than 2 years with a small team and completly for free!


Loginname: "SuperAdmin"
Password: "SuperAdmin"
Link: http://map-demo.mumb1e.de/
Attention: This demo is an older version!


GNU/GPL License v3.0
EN: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/about/license DE: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/about/license

Install-Service and more

EN: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/community/support DE: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/community/support


EN: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/about/functions DE: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/about/functions

Version History

EN: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/about/versions DE: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/about/versions




EN: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/about/requirements DE: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/about/requirements

Install or Update

Install: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/documentation/install or in German: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/documentation/install
Update: http://www.mumb1e.de/en/documentation/update or in German: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/documentation/update

Download and Support (English and German)

Download Area: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/downloads/main
Forum: http://www.mumb1e.de/de/community/forum
LiveSupport: http://www.mumb1e.de/livezilla/livezilla.php