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Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.

For Users

For Administrators

For Hosters

  • Free software - no licensing hassle or cost
  • Automatable administration through Ice middleware
  • Low resource cost for hosting
  • Very stable server software
  • Free choice of server software
  • Custom webinterfaces for users through Ice
  • Provide users with channel viewer data (CVP) without giving control away
    • Or empower the users by providing the Ice interface

Third Party Applications

Alternative Clients

If you are looking for a client for an operating system we do not officially support ourselves, or if you are looking for an alternative client application please refer to the following overview of third party client applications.

Name OS Links
Plumble Android Google Play, F-Droid
Mumblefy iOS App Store

Other Third Party Software

Various third party applications and libraries exist for varying use cases, like web interfaces for server administration, user- and channel-viewers, bots like music bots and more. Please check out our Third Party Applications for more information.

Get Involved