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mice is a very small python] script which automates connecting to an mumble server via the Ice interface.

Note: mice offers no command-line interface in the general sense and instead relies on the interactive mode of python consoles.


If you enabled Ice on your server and placed the Murmur.ice file in the same folder as mice.py you do not need to do any additional configuration. The default settings should work. If you want to connect to something else but localhost or your .ice file is positioned somewhere else just edit mice.py with your favourite editor. The configuration variables can be found at the top of the file and are self-explaining.


To use the mice.py file you have to run it in interactive mode in the python console of your choice. You can use the default python interpreter

python -i mice.py


import mice

but as it lacks auto-completion it is not a very comfortable way to explore the possibilities of the Ice interface.

My recommendation is to use the ipython interactive python shell. After installing it you can launch mice with

import mice

On startup mice will try to connect to the server directly. If this fails check your configuration. If it succeeds mice will tell you where to find the server object it created. To get a feel of what the object is able to do you can simply use introspection/reflection (with the default python interpreter you can use dir(object) to emulate this to some extend but simply using the tab-completion in ipython is much more convinient).