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To set up a channel viewer for Mumble, the officially supported method is the ZeroC Ice (Internet communication engine) interface. Using Ice requires a setup like this:

Communication method for Murmur

The details of setting up and using the interface are documented on the Ice page. The interface provided by Murmur is described in the generated documentation. Server information is provided in the Channel Viewer Protocol format as JSON or XML.

Reading the Database Directly

Icons oxygen 48x48 status task-attention.png
Warning: Interacting with the database for any reason but recovering from a corrupt database is highly discouraged! Doing so may lead to undesired results. In the best case (only reading from the file), you may get outdated or inconsistent data.
Icons oxygen 48x48 status task-attention.png
Warning: Do not make your database file accessible over the internet. It contains sensitive user information.

  • First check to see if your server has the SQLite3 PHP library installed. You can do this by putting a <?php phpinfo(); in a php file and loading it on the server and searching for "SQLite3".
  • Get the "Mod_murmur.php" PHP script and if you are like most, you will want to setup a stand alone install and the instructions below are copied from here:

Then you only need the mod_murmur.php file (unzip the .zip). Edit it and replace this manually (note the ending slashes!):

$whatpath = "";<
$whatname = "MyServer";
$dbhost = "/path/to/murmur"; // This is the path where it will look for the murmur.sqlite db!
  • Mod_murmur has been tested against v1.2.3 of Murmur