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This bot is being run by Svedrin.
This bot is being run by Svedrin.
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{{Docs en}}
[[Category:3rd Party]]
[[Category:3rd Party]]

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MumBotty is a bot that sits in the #mumble and #mumble.de IRC channels and features a couple of commands concerning the Mumble infrastructure.


MumBotty allows searching for Wiki entries by using the ``w`` or ``wiki`` commands:

<Svedrin> help w
<MumBotty> (w [@<nickname>] <search string> [...]) -- Returns a list of wiki page
titles that contain <search string>. If the search string is prefixed with @<nickname>,
the plugin will highlight the given nickname instead of the user of the command.

Running this command with the keyword "Building" will yield the following results:

<Svedrin> !w Building
<MumBotty> http://mumble.sf.net/BuildingFreeBSD -- BuildingFreeBSD
<MumBotty> http://mumble.sf.net/BuildingLinux   -- BuildingLinux  
<MumBotty> http://mumble.sf.net/BuildingMacOSX  -- BuildingMacOSX 
<MumBotty> http://mumble.sf.net/BuildingWindows -- BuildingWindows

Ice method introspection

MumBotty can introspect Ice methods through the ``i`` or ``ice`` commands:

<Svedrin> !help ice
<MumBotty> (ice [@<nickname>] [<object> [<method>]]) -- Introspect the given object and/or method.

Running this command for Server::getTree, you would get:

<Svedrin> !ice Server getTree
<MumBotty> Server::getTree() - see http://mumble.sourceforge.net/slice/Murmur/Server.html#getTree

If you don't specify any arguments at all, you will receive a list of objects. If you only specify an object, you will receive a list of methods this object provides.

FAQ Search

You can use MumBotty to search and display FAQ entries by using the ``f`` or ``faq`` commands:

<Svedrin> !f qwave
<MumBotty> Svedrin: Q: I get the error "Meta: Failed to load qWave.dll, no QoS available" in the Murmur log when I start Murmur
<MumBotty> Svedrin: A: qWave is network QoS for Vista. You don't have qWave, so it's proceeding without it. You can disregard this message if you are NOT on Vista/Server 2008. If you are, you should try to stop the error.

The result will only be displayed if MumBotty found exactly one FAQ Question that matched. Otherwise you will get error messages like these:

* MumBotty didn't see any questions that looked promising.
* MumBotty found 8 questions that match your query.

Note that this is not a fulltext search. If you specify more than one keyword, they will be matched as a sentence.


MumBotty will announce a set of events, most notably:

  • Commits
  • Updates to forum threads
  • Updates to tracker artifacts
  • The wiki change history

Command syntax

There are multiple possible ways of addressing the bot:

  • For messages only useful to yourself, you should /query it and talk to it in private to prevent spamming the channel. It will accept the same commands which you can use in the channel.
  • To use it from within a channel, prefix your messages with an ! to directly address the bot.
  • You can also use inline commands by using the ,, prefix:
    • Commands consisting of a single word -- like ,,uptime -- can be used without any special syntax.
    • In order to use multi-word commands, you need to enclose the command in parentheses, for example if you wanted to see the ,,(wiki building) page.

The bot will always respond to messages in the way you contacted it to begin with.


This bot is being run by Svedrin.