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MumBotty is a bot that sits in the #mumble and IRC channels and features a couple of commands concerning the Mumble infrastructure.


MumBotty allows searching for Wiki entries by using the ``w`` or ``wiki`` commands:

<Svedrin> help w
<MumBotty> (w [@<nickname>] <search string> [...]) -- Returns a list of wiki page
titles that contain <search string>. If the search string is prefixed with @<nickname>,
the plugin will highlight the given nickname instead of the user of the command.

Running this command with the keyword "Building" will yield the following results:

<Svedrin> !w Building
<MumBotty> -- BuildingFreeBSD
<MumBotty>   -- BuildingLinux  
<MumBotty>  -- BuildingMacOSX 
<MumBotty> -- BuildingWindows

Ice method introspection

MumBotty can introspect Ice methods through the ``i`` or ``ice`` commands:

<Svedrin> !help ice
<MumBotty> (ice [@<nickname>] [<object> [<method>]]) -- Introspect the given object and/or method.

Running this command for Server::getTree, you would get:

<Svedrin> !ice Server getTree
<MumBotty> Server::getTree() - see

If you don't specify any arguments at all, you will receive a list of objects. If you only specify an object, you will receive a list of method this object provides.


MumBotty will announce a set of events, most notably:

  • Commits
  • Updates to forum threads
  • Updates to tracker artifacts
  • The wiki change history


This bot is being run by Svedrin.