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Mumble-Django is a Murmur web interface application for Django that configures a Mumble server. It is able to create and remove server instances, start/stop them, and configure them. Furthermore, registered Django users can sign up for user accounts on the configured vservers and change their registration names and passwords, and Django admins can manage server admins through the webinterface.

Main features

  • Compatible with Murmur 1.1.4, 1.1.8 and 1.2.0 up to 1.2.3
  • Public channel list for each configured server (view the Demo)
  • Create and delete Mumur instances on as many Murmur installations as you want, they just need to be on the System DBus / ICE
  • Ships with a Munin plugin that graphs the user count for each registered server (view the Demo)
  • Edit many configuration details in the Admin Interface for a Murmur instance
  • Murmur instances can be started/stopped directly from the web interface
  • Fully supports the Channel Viewer Protocol
  • User registration
  • Admin interface for server admins to configure basic settings
  • handling user textures
  • an Ice connector to allow simple switching between DBus and Ice
  • Main template is a single file: if you don't like the look-and-feel, just change index.htm
  • Extensibility: Being a standard Django project and using standard Django Models, you can extend Mumble-Django easily and build a complete website around it.


You can download Mumble-Django either by getting a snapshot from the download page or by checking out from the Mercurial repo with the following command:

hg clone

Installation instructions

Detailed installation instructions are available on the Main website, both in English and German.





$ python syncdb


$ Error: No module named registration


$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-django-registration && python syncdb


I (Svedrin) am always idling in #mumble in Freenode. Please feel free to contact me or to open a ticket at the issue tracker :)