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What services are offered

The client can make use of a number of service offered by our infrastructure. Namely things like:

  • Retrieving the public server list
  • Submitting anonymous usage statistics
  • Retrieving overlay updates
  • Retrieving positional audio plugin updates
  • Submitting crash reports
  • Polling for client updates
  • Retrieving client updates

With whom and how does the client communicate

Mumble uses either https or http over standard ports for talking to our services. Hosts that might be contacted are:, * . Currently these domains are assigned to the following IPs (might change in the future):

IP Host(s) / * (exceptions below) /

  • Usage statistics are submitted via a http post request to on port 80.
  • Crashreports are submitted as https post requests to on port 443
  • The channel list, overlay-, plugin- and client updates are retrieved via a http get request to on port 80 on first try or as a fallback. During later exchanges the regional mirrors * will be used. If all of these are unreachable is tried.