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Mumo source

Source game management plugin for Mumo that can dynamically move players into on-the-fly created channel structures representing in-game team setup. This is achieved by using data gathered from Mumble's positional audio system and does not require cooperation by the game server. Currently the following source engine based games are supported:

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Day of Defeat: Source
  • CounterStrike: Source
  • Half Life 2: Death Match.


  • Working Mumo installation.

Getting started

  • Link or copy the source.ini file from the modules-available folder into the modules-enabled folder
cd modules-enabled
ln -S ../modules-available/source.ini source.ini
  • Check whether the defaults in source.ini are ok for your setup. They should be sane for basic setups.
  • Restart mumo
  • Done