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MurmurCL ist a basic console interface to some of the functionality the murmur server exposes via the Ice RPC mechanism. Note: As MurmurCL was mainly written for testing purposes it has some limits and usability issues.


Following is a list of the features included in the script as of writing this:

Add servers - Adds a virtual server to a mumble instance

Delete servers - Deletes a virtual server from a mumble instance

List servers - Lists virtual servers on a mumble instance

Configure servers - Sets a config variable on a virtual server

Add players - Adds a player to a virtual server

Delete players - Deletes a player from a virtual server

List players - Lists players registered on a virtual server

Configure players - Sets a config variable of a user on a virtual server

List channels - List channels on a virtual server

Add channels - Adds a channel to a virtual server

Delete Channels - Deletes a channel from a virtual server

Help - Help about the commands with short description and syntax explanation


The help command

If you want to get information about a command the help function is very useful. It can be called with one or zero parameters. If you call it without any parameters it looks like this:

  console> ./ help
      Displays this help
      usage: help [command]
  Available commands: ['addchannel', 'listplayers', 'addserver', 'cfgserver', 'listservers', 'listchannels', 'startserver'
  , 'addplayer', 'cfgplayer', 'delchannel', 'delplayer', 'stopserver', 'delserver']

If you want information about a specific command just use it's name as the paramter for help.

  console> ./ help addserver
      Add a new virtual server to the murmur instance
      usage: addserver [port]

Setting a default channel

Mumble has some features which are not accessible via the default graphical user interface. One of them is setting a default channels players will join when they connect to the server. This can be done by setting the defaultchannel paramter for a server.

To do this we first have to find out the port of our server, you usually know this but let's say you don't.

  console> ./ listservers
  Id              Port            Running
  1               64738           True

After that we have to find out the id of the channel you want to set as default.

  console> ./ listchannels 64738
  Id      Parent  Name
  0       -1      Root
  1       0       A channel

Ok, now we have the id of "A channel", let's make it the new default:

  console> ./ cfgserver defaultchannel 1 on 64738
  'defaultchannel' set to '1' on server 64738

Now new players will always join "A channel" instead of "Root". Be aware that this doesn't work on clients which choose their default channels themselves.