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http://mumble.sourceforge.net/static/overlay123_s.png The overlay is a feature that will overlay the nicknames of users in the channel or users talking over your currently running game. That means you will be able to see who's listening and talking ingame.

Mumble provides overlay support for Games using Direct3D 9/10 or OpenGL on Windows and OpenGL using games on Linux/OSX.

Overlay on newer Direct3D

We are aware of the often requested feature of a Direct3D 11 overlay on Windows and would appreciate any help in documenting the issues on overlay as well as help in the implementing it.

Efforts have been made but the big changes between Direct3D versions as well as the licensing of DirectX SDK sample code prevent us from including it in our code-base at this point. Some more work is needed to adjust it to our code-base and our needs.

Incompatible games

Games that are known to have major issues with the Mumble overlay:

  • Combat Arms (overlay causes CA to crash after map changes; overlay will not display unless one joins a server and then leaves it)
  • Supreme Commander (Multiplayer)
  • Vanguard (crashes to desktop when overlay is enabled)
  • Call of Duty 2, 4 (PunkBuster kick)

Games that are known to have minor issues with the Mumble overlay:

  • Killing Floor and Red Orchestra (same game engine; the game will crash when changing resolutions or going into fullscreen mode)

Depending on the API the engines of games use, and sometimes how they use it, the overlay will not display. Currently, of Direct3D only the Direct3D 9 and 10 APIs are supported in their 32-bit versions, but not 9ex or 11, or any in a 64-bit version.

Game API Comment (Why does it not work?) fixed in
Civilization 5 1
Counterstrike: Source Direct3D 9ex Workaround: -nod3d9ex
Dota 2 Direct3D 9ex 1
Workaround: -nod3d9ex
Guild Wars 2 Direct3D 9 because of device recreation
Workaround: launch with -email youremail -password yourpassword -nopatchui1
League of Legends device recreation? (disappears on loading) 1
Team Fortress 2 Direct3D 9ex Workaround: -nod3d9ex
Warcraft 3
World of Tanks > 8.0 Direct3D 11 1, 2

Overlay functionality by API, OS and CPU-architecture:

API CPU-Architecture Platform Overlay displays?
OpenGL x86 Any fully works
OpenGL x64 Any does not display
Direct3D 9 x86 Windows fully works (on first device creation)
Direct3D 9 x64 Windows does not display
Direct3D 9ex x86 & x64 Windows does not display
Direct3D 10 x86 Windows fully works (on first device creation)
Direct3D 10 x64 Windows does not display
Direct3D 11 x86 & x64 Windows does not display

Disabling the overlay for a particular game

If you would like to disable the overlay for a certain game (because you do not want it in that particular game, or that game has issues with the overlay), and do not want to disable the overlay altogether, put a file named nooverlay (without any extensions) in the same folder as the game executable is located. This will tell Mumble that you do not want the overlay in this particular game. Current releases of Mumble also support black-/whitelisting from the client itself (Settings->Overlay, make sure advanced is checked).