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These are things that are planned added 'some time in the future'. Please try Mumble out before you comment on any of the ideas below.

If you want to help out with any of the below, great! Be aware that the mumble code is changing all the time, so please drop by the forums and let us know if you want to work on something so we avoid duplicate efforts.

Note: This list is not meant to be a point by point representations of tasks to be done for a specific release but is merely a reminder for the developers. New items might be added or existing ones moved and removed anytime during development.

TODO for 1.2.X

  • Add session awareness
  • Enable/Disable Overlay on a application basis
  • Group flags
  • Put Qt 4.5 translation comments in more places, to show context of translation message.
  • Improve usability a lot (e.g Restructure options menu)
  • Overlay configuration preview (maybe + on-desktop overlay)
  • Overlay for DirectX 11

TODO for statistics

  • Migrate to PDO
  • Add murmur stats
  • Add caching
  • Look for fancy pie-like stuff like jgraph, open-flash-chart2, etc