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These are things that are planned added 'some time in the future'. Please try Mumble out before you comment on any of the ideas below.

If you want to help out with any of the below, great! Be aware that the mumble code is changing all the time, so please drop by the forums and let us know if you want to work on something so we avoid duplicate efforts.

Release 1.0.0

  • Functional static version of murmur for as many linux boxes as possible.
  • Bug fixing.

Release 1.1.0

More or less ready ideas. To ship around the time Ubuntu 7.10 comes out, as that means Qt 4.3 is a bit more common on Linuxes.

  • SSL support (through QtSslSocket)
  • Hashed passwords for murmur.

At some point

This would be nice, but not enough time, so contributors wanted

  • Skinnable icons, though that might mean we'd have to move skins into a zip file or something. But that would also enable people to include custom background and button textures etc.