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These are things that are planned added 'some time in the future'. Please try Mumble out before you comment on any of the ideas below.

If you want to help out with any of the below, great! Be aware that the mumble code is changing all the time, so please drop by the forums and let us know if you want to work on something so we avoid duplicate efforts.

Make SURE you are constantly updating to the latest snapshot of Mumble! Find it here:

TODO for 1.2.X

  • Give logical names to everything in the UI. Skinners currently use names like "groupBox_2", which is a bit error prone when we change the gui.
  • Put Qt 4.5 translation comments in more places, to show context of translation message.

TODO for 1.2.0

  • Protocol Buffer based network protocol. Start merging everything into the PlayerState, ChannelState etc packets. The server should wipe fields it doesn't know about.
  • Drop packet type etc from UDP, make it use it's own protocol, and have "TCP mode" be a "UDP tunnel packet" message.
  • Speex UWB or CELT-48k.
  • <= 10ms audio frames.
  • Multichannel echo cancellation.
  • Think real hard about certificates. Maybe just use it as a backdrop for username/pw? (IE; you authenticate with either your uname/pw OR your key). Is a user that forgets their PW likely to not make a security copy of their key (or forget all about it?).
  • Add a "context" for plugins, being a 32-byte array or somesuch. Players need identical context to get positional audio of each other.
  • Add a "identity" for plugins, to be transmitted to the server.
  • Do a version exchange client<=>server. Export over Ice.
  • Comments
  • Associative key-based storage DB.
  • Allow third-party "key/value" stored.

Done list for 1.1.8

  • Reduce memory usage of Murmur.
  • Start virtual server threads on demand.
  • Allow images in the server welcome text.
  • Ice RPC now has callbacks for players connecting, disconnecting etc, and you can outsource authentication over Ice.
  • Ice is now fully documented.
  • You can now add context menu items for players, channels and servers through Ice.
  • These have been used to create a sample script to allow user registration through a webpage based on admin requests.
  • The Win32 installer is now fully localized.
  • Updated positional audio calculation to be easier to understand and give more natural results.
  • There's code in place for playing speex samples.
  • Notifications when the log isn't visible.
  • More examples on how to use Ice.
  • Multiple key bindings for shortcuts.
  • Linux overlay does it's own symbol resolving, and should work on more graphics chips.
  • qWAVE / QoS2
  • Overlay for OSX.
  • git :)
  • Growl notifications for OSX
  • Qt 4.5 for our "fully packaged" releases.
  • Usability improvements for OSX overlay.
  • Sounds for events.

Current snapshot testing focus

  • There's a ton of changes to Murmur, especially concerning Ice. Please make sure we didn't break it.
  • Shortcuts changed rather drastically. We probably messed it up, so figure out what doesn't work :)
  • Linux overlay.

TODO for statistics

  • Migrate to PDO
  • Add murmur stats
  • Add caching
  • Look for fancy pie-like stuff like jgraph, etc