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Positional Audio

What is Positional Audio

Positional Audio describes a feature in Mumble that virtually places the people in the same Channel or Chat room with you, to a certain place relative to your own position. This way you can hear a person that is, in virtual space standing with an offset to your self, from that spot.

If someone is NOT using Positional Audio you would here that audio source always from the same spot on your equally from each of your stereo speaker.

Shows Audiowaves without Postional Audio in cyberspace

If someone uses Positional Audio you can hear that source form one speaker louder then the other in such a way that the correct offset of the audio source is translated into different audio volumes to display the source in the virtual space.

Shows Audiowaves with Postional Audio in cyberspace

How does Mumble get Informations about the virtual Positions of the clients

There are two different approaches to for Mumble to get this information.

  • One: the Game it self has a routine that transmits this data from within the program to the mumble client for each frame.
  • Two: the clients watches the memory for the inside game information. This approach is mostly done from outside of the program. If a program gets updated and stores the position on a different memory offset. The Plugin has to be updated as well to the new values.

On eater way Mumble gains Information about the avatars position.

How to activate Positional Audio

((add screenshots and descritption of the settings page here))

What Programs/Games does Mumble Support with Positional Audio

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How do I create Positional Audio for an unsupported Game

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