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The Mumble Protocol is Open Source, just like Mumble itself. The source code for the current version can be found in the Git repository in the file Mumble.proto.

Protocol documentation

A complete documentation about the protocol can be found at

UDP Ping packet

Mumble supports querying the following data by sending a ping packet to the target server. Both the request and the response packets are formatted in Big Endian.

The ping request packet contains the following data:

Width Data type Value Comment
4 bytes int 0 Denotes the request type
8 bytes long long ident Used to identify the reponse.

The response will then contain the following data:

Width Data type Value Comment
4 bytes int Version e.g., \x0\x1\x2\x3 for 1.2.3. Can be interpreted as one single int or four signed chars.
8 bytes long long ident the ident value sent with the request
4 bytes int Currently connected users count
4 bytes int Maximum users (slot count)
4 bytes int Allowed bandwidth

An example script can be found at A modified version of the script that also supports IPv6 is used by K-10 for the mmping command, and can be found in Svedrin's BitBucket repository.