Running Murmur

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Murur: Mumble Server

Running From The Start Menu

This will run the basic application if you go to the program files menu and select Mumble then click on "murmur". This will start murmur with no extra options. Configuring The Run From Start Menu Well once you get to the murmur thing in the program files menu instead of left clicking, right click and left click on proporties. In here you will see multiple textboxes, the target textbox is the one that interests us. We may want an admin cp password so tack -supw passwordhere on the end in the quotes and now we have an admin password, thne if you want to use another ini file, tack a space then -ini filenamehere after that to load that ini file onto the end. Read Configuring Murmur for information on using the ini file.

Running From Command Prompt

Not yet complete.