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(Mumble 1.2.x)
(Mumble 1.2)
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== Mumble '''1.2''' ==
== Mumble '''1.2''' ==
'''Websites hosting multiple skins:'''
'''Websites hosting multiple skins 1.2.4:'''
* Art Gallery Skin-mumble 2013 [http://www.mumble.fr/galerie.php Screenshots & Download]
* Art Gallery Skin-mumble 2013 [http://www.mumble.fr/galerie.php Screenshots & Download]
* November 2012 [http://www.skins-mumble.com/?file=Gallery/ Gallery]
* November 2012 [http://www.skins-mumble.com/?file=Gallery/ Gallery]

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Note that many Mumble 1.1.8 skins will work with Mumble 1.2.x, but some images may be missing, and some parts of Mumble may not be properly skinned.

Mumble 1.2

Websites hosting multiple skins 1.2.4:

Individual Skins:


  • Skins-Mumble.com for the creation of skinning your mumble "Deposit and ask for a creation of skin mumble"

Mumble 1.1.8

Here are some sites hosting skins:

  • Juicer make your own skin colors for Mumble with this web interface

Installing a Skin

You should always refer to installation instructions that the skin author has provided with his/her skin. If there are no instructions included with the skin or found on the website you downloaded it from, the most common installation process would be to extract the skin into a "skins" directory in your Mumble directory.

Example: C:\Program Files\Mumble\skins\(skin goes here)

If the skin contains additional files to QSS files, such as images, it should be contained in it's own directory. If the author has included this directory with their skin as they should, you may extract it directly to the skins directory. Otherwise you may have to add this directory manually.

Example: C:\Program Files\Mumble\skins\SkinName\(contents of SkinName goes here)

If you ever have trouble getting a skin to work properly, you should contact the skin's author about it and not the Mumble community. Keep in mind some skins may be outdated and may not work properly on the latest version of Mumble.

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