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You can use these community provided sound packs to customize the sound notifications of the Mumble client.

Name License Download URL Creator
Celestial Distance CC BY-SA 4.0 Download lucasonic
Bach’s Paleolith CC BY-SA 4.0 Download lucasonic
The Intelliframe CC BY-SA 4.0 Download lucasonic

How to use a soundpack

  • Unpack the archive somewhere on your system.
  • Click on "Configure" -> "Settings" or "Mumble" -> "Settings" on Mac OS X.
    A new window appears. Make sure that "Advanced" is checked and then click on "Messages".
  • Now doubleclick those entries in the column "Path" which you want to change.

Mumble configuration message.png

Restore the default soundpack

To restore the default soundpack, click the "Reset" button in "Configuration" -> "Messages".

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