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The @sub group

I'm having a hard time understanding the instructions given for the @sub group. Since the example given for [ACL_and_Groups#Group_of_servers_with_FPS_game|Group of servers with FPS game] is simple, I'll use that for my example why I'm confused. Am I supposed to rename the group from the default "~sub" to "~sub,2,2 allow enter, allow link", or "~sub,2,2" and then select allow for both Enter and Link permissions? What about the "+enter" and "+link" in the previous examples? I tried several things but I didn't see any results. Also what is the purpose of creating an empty group called "players" and then not creating an ACL for it? It should also be made more clear which rules are inherited and which ones aren't. It almost sounds as though this configuration isn't done through the ACL configuration in Mumble as I'm trying to do it, either that or it's an unusual way of explaining things. --Pilot 51 08:21, 11 October 2007 (PDT)