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  • (partly done) What audio technology/options/filters are included
  • (partly done) Usecases (aka when are they useful)
  • (partly done) configuration options
  • (partly done) How to enable/disable them
  • How do they perform quality-wise (imo some are better, for example webrtc (can be activated in pulseaudio))

A todo list for Audio filters can also be found here:

Technology - Section

Regarding the technology we might give interested users a short insight into what audio libraries are used etc.

We might outsource this to a seperate topic (like "Audio Technology"), which we would link to in the Audio Topic.

A good starting point is the comment by fedetft:

He describes the order of processing in audio input:

  • first, rnnoise is applied if enabled
  • then, the speexdsp echo cancellation is performed, if enabled
  • finally, the speexdsp filter pipeline (VAD, AGC, DENOISE, DEREVERB appear to be enabled) is run