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Dear Developers.

This is an amazing application. However, for hosting purposes it is currently not. Most of my servers dont have Qt installed, which means the source cannot be built. It would be way-way-way better when the server daemon doesnt depend on Qt. Production servers dont have Qt installed, and if they have, it's Qt3. Please do something!


Hello! I have to agree to the last post! None of our servers or any server I know has qt installed. I tried to build a statically linked version of murmur on my desktop but was unable to run it (not on the server and desktop). I don't think that qt-libs are a good option for server processes. We are looking for a Teamspeak alternative quite a while now and murmur/mumble looks promising. But with qt as a dependency I don't give it a big chance to convince any hosters. If you think that statically linked versions should work, you could provide some pre-compiled 32bit and 64bit versions for testing.


I just wanted to test the Mumble-Server on our production server. But the mumble-server.deb depends on libc6 2.4-1, which isn't included in Debian stable (etch). Any chance to get a .deb thats compiled for libc6 2.3.6.ds1-13?

okay ... made it on my own ;) ... this binary should install on Debian etch.

Hosting Mumble Slots

I have Murmur compiled and working in Centos 4 quit well. I own, a hosting company registered in Canada and the US (with data centers in New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas) and would be more than happy to provide a server (or servers) for testing purposes. Similarly we are successfully selling Murmur slots, so I'd also be happy to share our experience in dealing with higher volume connections to contribute something back the community. Let me know and we can make some arrangements if interested.