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Discussing the Layout Requirements

Since we didn't have a real discussion internally yet here the, afaik, undisputed stuff (divided into has to/should/can categories):

  • The design has to be clean and professional. No over-boarding colours or eye-catchers.
  • The design has to integrate the Mumble Logo.
  • The design should work with the most recent version of mediawiki
  • The design should contain a landing page for easy downloading
  • The design can contain an unobtrusive note on its creator as well as a link back. It's the least we can do in compensation

As for examples I personally like the style of the mono project ( Also I'd like to suggest the following title given to the creator upon completion: "Hero and saviour of the Mumble community and especially .D0T" ;-)

Please add your suggestions down here so we can get a decent concept going for possible artists to check out. If you are an artist reading this note that this is all WIP and quite flexible anyway. If you think you have a decent concept but it doesn't match our requirements contact us anyway. We might change our mind ;-) --DD0T 00:47, 18 December 2010 (UTC)

Logo should be in top left. A logo with empty space to it's right gets more user attention, that's proven. (like the mono project also is pretty empty on the top and has the logo on the left as the most top element).

What about colors? Keep it white/grey like the client? --Kissaki 00:57, 18 December 2010 (UTC)