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How about give Mumble the option to set a max bitrate for audio stream ?

if u got it right, the data volume can increase in some cases 5.8 Mbit/s and thats for only 10 users i dont know anyone, who got a 23 Mbit/s connection for a private internet access, to hear a 40 ppl server case.

It's O.K. on LAN, but i don't see it in an Internet-Based voice chat.

Re: Bitrate

First of all, this is not a comment about the wiki, it's a question, and as such belongs on the SF forums :) (Click SourceForge to the left).

Second, this has been included in murmur for over a year now ;)

Please add some important links on the main page like "Building from Source", "Server HOWTO"

I have searched for an installation guide (building from svn source), but I could not find anything on the official mumble webpages. I think a Building from Source guide would be a good idea, because the last binary release is a little bit old and there are already many external HOWTOs which try to describe this procedure but they are not up-to-date. A Server HOWTO would also be nice. Oh, I see there are already articles like Configuring Murmur and Running Murmur, but no page links to them. Maybe you can design the main page more clearly like [1] or [2]. -- Xylo 06:28, 20 June 2007 (PDT)