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Please add some important links on the main page like "Building from Source", "Server HOWTO"

I have searched for an installation guide (building from svn source), but I could not find anything on the official mumble webpages. I think a Building from Source guide would be a good idea, because the last binary release is a little bit old and there are already many external HOWTOs which try to describe this procedure but they are not up-to-date. A Server HOWTO would also be nice. Oh, I see there are already articles like Configuring Murmur and Running Murmur, but no page links to them. Maybe you can design the main page more clearly like [1] or [2]. -- Xylo 09:09, 20 June 2007 (PDT)

Re: Please add some important links on the main page...

I couldn't agree more. And of course the should be displayed in a somewhat organized way. On a sidenote: The mainpage is not editable by "normal" users, i can see that this may be on purpose, because of Spam protection, but calls to use/contribute to the wiki, as heared in the forums, make not that much sense if the pages are not linked in.

No specific clue for the layout but here are some examples:


Server Setup

Client Setup


Re: Please add some important links on the main page...

I created Installing Mumble so most important information about installing is in one page. Maybe it's useful to add it to the main page, or replace the current links (building) with it (the page already includes links to the building pages). As it is now it may appear that you have to compile mumble and that there are no binaries available. And there is a little typo in Server configuration (f missing)

Link to Dissussionforums should be updated

I still think more links are necessary. Most of the pages don't get much attention. So the main page doesn't get filled with a bunch of links, I suggest including a link to All pages. That will put it in plain view of everyone instead of hidden in the "Special pages" link on the left menu where I'm sure a large majority of people don't know about it. --Pilot 51 06:20, 11 October 2007 (PDT)

The link to the Disscusion Forums should be updated.

Its Currtently linked to:

But might be better. It still works, how ever a little error message is displayed.

Please add 3rd Party Applications to Main Page

A lot people request links for 3rd Party Applications on IRC and forum. It would be very helpful, when they can find a link to the 3rd Party Applications page on the Main Page. In here: Documentaion => Server => Addons (