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FAQ entry

I have also created a FAQ entry concerning this here . It offers two solutions, as I found out what the correct SQLITE command should be. Maybe we can link up the SQLITE part to this page and change the article name to something including SQLITE? --Pirast

There should always be an article that a newbie can easily spot and say "that's what I want to do". "Registering users" meets that, but "Editing the SQLite database" not so much. Maybe separate articles, keeping this one dedicated to everything about registering users and another one about everything involving the SQLite database as a whole, which could link to this article when it comes to the 'players' table. I think it would be best to move that FAQ section to this article and put in a forwarding link. Registration of users is just too important of a task to be hidden in an article containing a bunch of other things. If they can find the article, they probably won't be asking in forums about how to register new users. --Pilot 51 01:34, 19 September 2007 (PDT)