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This is a list of Mumble Server Hosters, both commercial and non-commercial. If you are a Mumble Hoster and would like to add your information here, please see the instructions on the talk page first.

Name Commercial CVP RPC EU USA UK Asia Aus Comment
Exsite Gaming Commercial Yes
24H-Hosting Commercial Yes
Mumble-Tower Commercial Yes Available in German & English
Mumbled Non-Commercial Yes
Mumbling Commercial Yes Commercial Yes Servers: Europe, Germany
Vision-Hosting Commercial Yes Commercial Yes Inclusive Mumb1e Admin Plugin Commercial Yes Servers location: France, Germany and Poland. Both Yes Russian Servers Commercial Yes Commercial Yes Yes Yes Inc. Control Panel
Command Channel Commercial Yes Yes
Midnight Gaming Commercial Yes Web Panel, $.01 Servers
MMO-Mumble Commercial REST Yes Yes Control Panel, website widget, API
MumbleBoxes Commercial Yes Yes
MumbleVoice Commercial Yes Yes Yes Yes Servers: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia
OSCMSS Commercial Yes
Sabrienix/MumbleDog Commercial Yes XML Yes
Teamspeak Command Center Commercial Yes

Commercial designates whether a provider charges for the service or not.

CVP indicates that a provider supports the Channel Viewer Protocol, which allows easy setup of a web based tree view of your server on your site.

RPC indicates that a provider allows access to control the server in some fashion. Shell-style hosts may allow you to configure an Ice endpoint for your own use, while virtual-hosted providers may simply provide a wrapper layer over it using REST, XML, or Telnet.