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Latest revision as of 19:08, 30 May 2013

Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.

For Users

For Administrators

For Hosters

  • Free software - no licensing hassle or cost
  • Automatable administration through Ice middleware
  • Low resource cost for hosting
  • Very stable server software
  • Free choice of server software
  • Custom webinterfaces for users through Ice
  • Provide users with channel viewer data (CVP) without giving control away
    • Or empower the users by providing the Ice interface

Get Mumble

OS Stable Release Development Snapshot
Windows 1.2.19 1.3.0-rc2
Windows x64 - 1.3.0-rc2
OS X 1.2.19 1.3.0-rc2
OS X (Universal, Legacy) 1.2.10 1.3.0~2729~g2126495~snapshot
Ubuntu Stable Release PPA Snapshot PPA
iOS 1.3.0 -
Static Linux Server 1.2.19 1.3.0-rc2
Static OS X Server 1.2.19 1.3.0-rc2

Get Involved

News & Blog

  • 2017-05-03 Progress Report: April 2017
    This month, we continued work on features for 1.3, some bug fixes and code improvements. We also improved our wiki documentation and categorization and in small parts our README, INSTALL and manual texts. We did some fixes and improvements on … Continue reading
  • 2017-01-27 Mumble 1.2.19
    The Mumble team has released version 1.2.19 of the Mumble VoIP application. Version 1.2.19 is a bugfix and security release in the stable 1.2-series of Mumble. This version of Mumble fixes a problem where the output of Murmur’s -limits command … Continue reading
  • 2013-12-09 Mumble 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 released

    Obviously, you read it elsewhere by now. Sorry we forgot to publish news here on sourceforge for our past releases. We will try to do next time. :)

Our Blog News:
<a class="" href="http://blog.mumble.info/mumble-1-2-3-released/" rel="nofollow">Mumble 1.2.3 released</a>
<a class="" href="http://blog.mumble.info/mumble-1-2-4-released/" rel="nofollow">Mumble 1.2.4 released</a>

  • 2012-10-30 Mumble 1.2.2 Released
    Mumble just released version 1.2.2. This release introduces local caching of textures and comments, improved overlay quality including avatar support, ability to query for user information and much more.

For a complete list of new features, see http://mumble.sourceforge.net/1.2.2