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I'm lewellyn. I'm often on IRC.

Some info about me:

  • I'm a geek with more years of geekiness under my belt than I'm likely to admit readily.
  • I do mostly (Open)Solaris/Illumos stuff, but am also quite fluent with Linux/BSD/OS X/Windows servers.
  • I run Greenviolet, which is mainly a consultancy and which mainly does software and web development at this time.
  • I also run GeekBakery, which is (at this writing) an unreleased thinger which has to do with open source software... ;)
  • In addition, I also run the GeekBakery Software Repository, which has packages for Linux, Solaris, and OpenSolaris at this time.
  • I also maintain [GBS's CentOS 5 package of Murmur].

Note that the GeekBakery sites are sponsored by Greenviolet, but have no official relationship with Greenviolet (and therefore no support from Greenviolet; read as: If you need help with them, it's got to be when I have free time, sorry!).

I currently have private forks of Mumble for Solaris and Windows. For information on what those forks contain, please contact me on IRC. (The binaries are not available to the public due to them not being "ready", so neither are the patchsets. :) )

I'll add more here later. Promise! ;)