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This is an example for a multitail theme displaing murmur.log:

# Murmur/Mumble (
cs_re:green,,bold: New connection.*
cs_re:green: Client version.*
cs_re:green: <.* Authenticated.*
cs_re:blue,,bold: <.*Connection closed: The remote host closed the connection.*
cs_re:blue,,bold: <.* Connection closed:  .*
cs_re:red: <.* Connection closed: .*Error during.*
cs_re:magenta: <.*Kicked .*
cs_re:magenta,,bold: <.* Kickbanned .*
cs_re:magenta,,bold: Ignoring connection: .*\(Global ban\)
cs_re:magenta,,bold: Ignoring connection: .*\(Server ban\)
cs_re:magenta: <.*Updated banlist.*
cs_re:magenta: Certificate hash is banned.*
cs_re:magenta: <.* Disconnecting ghost
cs_re:red,,bold: <.*Updated ACL.*
cs_re:red,,bold: <.*Removed channel.*
cs_re:red,,bold: <.*Added channel.*
cs_re:cyan: <.*Request.* crypt-nonce resync.*
cs_re:cyan,,bold: <.* Timeout.*
cs_re:cyan: <.* not allowed to .*
cs_re:black,,bold: Registration: .*

It looks like this: Multitail.png