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Mumble's GitHub issues use the same priority scheme as Qt (as of Feburary 2017). (Issue Labels)

Name Description
priority/P0 - Blocker MUST be fixed ASAP. Issues that prevent further development; legal issues; serious data loss issues; build issues for platforms we provide binaries for.
priority/P1 - Critical Urgent and Important, will STOP the release; Regressions from the last version that are not edge cases; Data loss; FTBFS for platforms we don't provide binaries for; All but the most unlikely crashes/lockups/hanging; Serious usability issues and embarrassing bugs; Bugs critical to a deliverable
priority/P2 - Important Not Urgent, should be fixed, but will not stop the release.
priority/P3 - Somewhat important Can be fixed, but doesn't affect the release in any way.
priority/P4 - Low Would be nice to fix, but it's not very important.
priority/P5 - Not important Not relevant and not urgent.