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This page contains a collection of reviews and tests conducted on mumble by users or other third parties.

If you did find any other reviews you would like to see on this page feel free to add them or drop us a note.


This section is supposed to contain third party generated video content about mumble.

Created by users

Mumble vs. TS2, Ventrilo - Transmission Delay (Latency)

"This video shows you that with Mumble you have nearly real-time voice transmission, not like TS2 or Ventrilo, which need at least 1 sec." - M3G4G0TH

Teamspeak vs Ventrilo vs mumble audio for gamers

"If you’ve used anything else for this type of communication, consider Mumble. It is mature enough to use, and I definitely recommend it." - Chris Pirillo


This section contains entries which aren't directly related to reviews or tests but also state opinions about Mumble.


Exklusives Mumble Howto by mTw: disruptor (German)

"Mein Team und ich vertrauen auf Mumble und dieses Vertrauen wird bis jetzt absolut gerechtfertigt." - mTw : disruptor

Translation: "My team and I trust Mumble and till now this trust has been absolutely justified"