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A soundpack in Mumble consists of one audio file per notification class.

How to create a Soundpack for Mumble

Record one audio file for every "notification class". See below for a list of these classes.

Important: You cannot create one notification per message string but only per notification class.

Zip all files into an archive, upload it somewhere and add it to soundpack.

Notification classes and what could be said

A list of notification classes and what a speaker could say...

Notification Class Say as
ChannelJoin User joined channel.
ChannelLeave User left channel.
CriticalError Critical error occured.
DebugInfo Debug information logged.
Information Information logged.
OtherMutedOther ?.
OtherSelfMute User state changed.
PermissionDenied Permission denied.
Recording Recording state changed.
SelfMute You muted yourself.
ServerConnected Connected.
ServerDisconnected Disconnected.
TextMessage Incoming Message.
UserJoin User connected.
UserKicked User was kicked.
UserLeave User disconnected.
Warning Warning logged.
YouKicked You were kicked from the server.
YouMuted You were muted.
YouMutedOther You changed a user's state.

Message Strings of all Notification Classes in Mumble

String Notification Class
Server connection rejected: %1. ServerDisconnected
Welcome message: %1 Information
Welcome message: %1 Information
You were denied %1 privileges in %2. PermissionDenied
%3 was denied %1 privileges in %2. PermissionDenied
Denied: Cannot modify SuperUser. PermissionDenied
Denied: Invalid channel name. PermissionDenied
Denied: Text message too long. PermissionDenied
Denied: Operation not permitted in temporary channel. PermissionDenied
You need a certificate to perform this operation. PermissionDenied
%1 does not have a certificate. PermissionDenied
Invalid username: %1. PermissionDenied
Invalid username. PermissionDenied
Channel is full. PermissionDenied
Channel nesting limit reached. PermissionDenied
Denied: %1. PermissionDenied
Permission denied. PermissionDenied
%1 connected. UserJoin
%1 is now muted and deafened. OtherSelfMute
%1 is now muted. OtherSelfMute
%1 is now unmuted. OtherSelfMute
Recording started Recording
Recording stopped Recording
%1 started recording. Recording
%1 stopped recording. Recording
You were muted and deafened by %1. YouMuted
You were unmuted and undeafened by %1. YouMuted
You were muted by %1. YouMuted
You were unmuted by %1. YouMuted
You were undeafened by %1. YouMuted
You were suppressed. YouMuted
You were unsuppressed. YouMuted
You were unsuppressed by %1. YouMuted
You muted and deafened %1. YouMutedOther
You unmuted and undeafened %1. YouMutedOther
You muted %1. YouMutedOther
You unmuted %1. YouMutedOther
You undeafened %1. YouMutedOther
You suppressed %1. YouMutedOther
You unsuppressed %1. YouMutedOther
%1 muted and deafened by %2. OtherMutedOther
%1 unmuted and undeafened by %2. OtherMutedOther
%1 muted by %2. OtherMutedOther
%1 unmuted by %2. OtherMutedOther
%1 undeafened by %2. OtherMutedOther
%1 suppressed by %2. OtherMutedOther
%1 unsuppressed by %2. OtherMutedOther
You were moved to %1 by %2. ChannelJoin
%1 moved to %2. ChannelLeave
%1 moved to %2 by %3. ChannelLeave
%1 entered channel. ChannelJoin
%1 moved in from %2 by %3. ChannelJoin
%1 is recording Recording
You were kicked and banned from the server by %1: %2. YouKicked
You were kicked from the server by %1: %2. YouKicked
%3 was kicked and banned from the server by %1: %2. UserKicked
%3 was kicked from the server by %1: %2. UserKicked
%1 left channel. ChannelLeave
%1 disconnected. UserLeave
Server", "message from Source
%2%1: %3 TextMessage
Unable to find matching CELT codecs with other clients. You will not be able to talk to all users. CriticalError
The server requests minimum client version %1 Warning
The server requests positional audio be enabled. Warning
The server requests positional audio be disabled. Warning
The server requests Push-to-Talk be enabled. Warning
The server requests Push-to-Talk be disabled. Warning