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Concerning the contributed document 'Mumble Usability Improvements Report 2015.pdf'.


That back button is actually windows wizard style as per windows guidelines. (I agree it sucks.)

TODO: Link to guidelines.


Agreed. I didn't actually know this before I checked, but on Linux we actually have high contrast mode for the Volume tuning step in the audio wizard.

TODO: Check if we can't just switch colors. Which colors are an issue? What would we switch to?

TODO: (Link to) General color guidelines.

1.3: Activation description.


1.4 Audio out test button

1.5 Mic input volume display.

Agreed. A further optimization may be to display volumes of all possible selections, like windows does, to make it easier to *find* the correct device (rather than going through them individually).

1.6 PA

1.7 Page numbers

I’m not sure about these. Does any other setup/wizard do these? What for? Maybe for referencing someone to a specific page.

1.8 Slider steps

Sure; check how this is filled, and see if we can just display *all* discrete values.

2 Main window

2.1 minimal view

Agreed. Too hard to find; we do occasionally get support request of users not getting out of it.

2.2 access tokens

2.3 Help section on main window

Good idea

2.4 Transmission feedback, colorblind

2.5 channel hierarchy

We already use italic for linked channels, so that’s not really an option.

Leading guidelines may improve this, or visual borders/blocks.

2.6 error messages

Yeah, these are known to sometimes lack information/be confusing.

Needs further analysis.

2.7 Systray

I don’t think we need connect and disconnect there.

2.8 What's This

Should definitely be in main window then. Can it be done? (Settings is a modal dialog, without maximization/minimization buttons)

2.9 Add server label descriptive hint

2.10 UI icons

Not sure which icon specifically is being talked about.

3 Settings

3.1 PTT Hotkey Assign Button


3.2 Shortcut key hint

3.3 Reset vs Restore

Yeah, Reset is not really intuitively descriptive; but neither is "Restore Previous". Not sure if this does even do anything different from simply cancelling; does it just for the current page?

3.4 Greyed out apply on no changes

Sure, could be a bit of work code-wise though; dunno.

3.5 Shortcut for local recording.

3.6 Messages column naming

Sure, agreed, good argumentation.

3.7 Overlay settings

Yes, it is overly complicated.

4 OS X

4.1 What's This is missing