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This is a contribution page for refactoring the wiki and contributing suggestions to the layout.

Wanted – Styles

Icons oxygen 48x48 actions view-pim-notes.png
Information on requirements needed here. Waiting for devs … :) See talk page for current discussion.

please add CSS

 .note { padding:0px 2px; margin:4px 0px 2px; }

The the coresponding templates (Template:Warning, Template:Notice, Template:Elaboration)

New Layout

We’re looking for an entirely new and unique layout! Please suggest one to us!


  • Headlines are IMHO too big compared to text. Makes text hard to read on articles with a lot of headlines (like all these contribution pages).
  • Kissaki volunteers to cleaning up HTML and CSS (with or without IE being low priority and IE6 maybe getting dropped? *hope*)


  • the headline "Get Involved" doesn't fit for just the 2 links forums and irc. What I get from that headline is more than getting in contact. More like getting involved in the project. Which is what Contributing is for.

releases block:

  • link See your distro repository for clients to Installing Mumble
  • change Windows: to Windows (Client & Server Installer): to make it clear the installer includes both
  • remove useless <dd> element
  • change block to a table. Now that we have release candidates dunno about third column. anyway, here goes suggestion: