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Mumble itself is licensed under the very liberal 3-clause BSD license.

Our Windows installer distributes Mumble binaries under the more restrictive GPL.


The licensing information of our software libraries should not concern end-users. However, developers and distributors should take note to conform to them.

Library License Exception?
ASIO Proprietary
Bonjour Proprietary?
Boost Boost 1.0
CELT 2-clause BSD
G15SDK Proprietary
libFLAC 3-clause BSD
libsndfile LGPL
MySQL OSS exception
OpenSSL Apache 1.0 (/4-clause BSD)
Opus 3-clause BSD
protobuf 3-clause BSD
Qt LGPL 2.1
Qt translations (Additional) MIT
speex 3-clause BSD
ZeroC Ice GPLv2 / Proprietary Custom License?


Library License Notes
Bonjour Logo Would have to be negotiated Not used. This does not affect the bonjour functionality itself. Displaying the Bonjour logo would require additional agreements with apple; thus we do not display it.
ZeroC Ice Custom Agreement We do have an agreement with ZeroC that allows us to distribute builds with Ice. If you want to distribute your own, you would have to contact and negotiate with ZeroC yourself as well.