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MumPI is an open source PHP Web-Interface under LGPL, using Ice to talk to mumble. Thus you will need a webserver with PHP and the Ice extension set up.

Tested and compatible with at least up to Mumble 1.2.4, with PHP < v5.3 and PHP-Ice < v3.4 as well as PHP >= v5.3 & PHP-Ice >= v3.4.

The Mumble PHP InterfaceMumPI for short – features

  • Administration
    • Create, start, stop and delete virtual servers
    • edit configurations (of virtual servers)
    • name virtual servers for the interface
    • create and delete admin accounts
    • view and kick online Users
    • view, edit and remove registrations
    • view channel tree
    • Admin Accounts
      • admin accounts
      • admin groups
        • with specific permissions
        • associated to specific servers
  • Server-Viewer
    • PHP-includeable file and class
    • embeddable html/js via <object> or <embed>
    • JavaScript/AJAX
    • can provide Channel Viewer Protocol
  • User Registration
    • with or without captcha
    • with or without email authentification
    • on specific virtual servers
  • User Profile
    • Log in with your mumble account
    • edit your details (email, password, username)
    • upload a user texture (visible in the overlay)
    • Retrieve lost data (login, new password) via E-Mail

github project page, wiki, issue-tracker, downloads

Downloads @SF

Installation Guide, FAQ

Hosted on GitHub and sourceforge.