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murmur-manager is a set of Ruby classes for managing Murmur servers. It comes packaged with a handy dandy command-line script, so you can easily manage your servers.

Getting It

1. Clone the Github repo

 git clone

2. Make sure you have Ice set up for your Ruby install

 $ irb
 irb(main):001:0> require 'Ice'
 => true

If this doesn't succeed, you need to set up Ice and/or Ice Ruby bindings.


You can get help at any time by just running the script with no arguments.

 Usage: manager.rb [opts]
 Args                                    Effect
 ----                                    ------
 [server-id] config                      List a server's config
 [server-id] set [key] [val]             Set a server's config value
 [server-id] start                       Start a server
 [server-id] stop                        Stop a server
 [server-id] destroy                     Permanently destroy a server
 [server-id] supw [password]             Set superuser password for this server
 new                                     Create a new server
 list                                    List existing servers

List all your current servers

 [chris@polaris manager]$ ./manage-ice.rb list
 Server ID       Running
 ---------       ------
 1               true
 2               true
 3               true
 4               true
 5               true
 8               false
 12              false
 13              true
 14              true

Get a server's configuration

 [chris@polaris manager]$ ./manage-ice.rb 1
 allowhtml                               true
 obfuscate                               false
 certificate                             -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
 port                                    50001
 timeout                                 30
 defaultchannel                          0
 textmessagelength                       5000
 username                                [-=\w\[\]\{\}\(\)\@\|\.]+
 welcometext                             Welcome to my Mumble server
 bonjour                                 true
 certrequired                            false
 channelname                             [ \-=\w\#\[\]\{\}\(\)\@\|]+
 bandwidth                               72000
 host                                    0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0
 users                                   150
 key                                     -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

Update a configuration option

 ./manage-ice.rb 1 set port users 175

Spawning a new virtual server

 [chris@polaris manager]$ ./manage-ice.rb new
 New server: ID 17 added
 [chris@polaris manager]$ ./manage-ice.rb 17 set port 64049
 [chris@polaris manager]$ ./manage-ice.rb 17 restart

You get the idea. Not too hard!