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2020/06/09, jhr_14: Some questions, as I recently updated some information on the page and didn't know where to ask:

  • Are there any formatting guidelines? For my changes in the section Configuring ini File I wanted to add a Linux section and used a bullet point list instead of the standard header used elsewhere in this guide, because I think it made this section more clearer this way. If I violated any conventions, I will update the wiki page accordingly.
  • Discussing some information which I simply don't know about: [...] Most packages will automatically start from init.d; you should check to make sure yours does not before manually starting it. [...] in section Starting Murmur --> Linux. Is this still accurate? On my Ubuntu 18.04 installation I don't remember any systemd-service automatically activated, but I didn't try on other distros with classic init.
  • And one plea: if someone uses the static binary on Linux, please update the information about the location of the config file! I only used murmurd and murmur-user-wrapper.

I hope all my updated information is correct. Else, thanks and kind regards^^

Well at least I did not receive an answer in recent weeks, so for questions you can try to post on the website repo on github: This way you should get an answer faster, but not always.
Regarding your questions:
- "Most packages will automatically start"; Is this still accurate?
For Debian the answer is yes. And because the official Ubuntu package is based on the Debian package, I assume it should also autostart. But if you say it doesn't, then that should maybe be checked. There is also an official PPA from mumble, but I don't know whether that autostarts. You can find the source code here: . - toby63