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"Inspired" by the Infobox_software on Wikipedia and self created because importing the box from Wikipedia results in a dependency hell.


  • title
    • Name of the software
  • logo
    • The filename in the wiki, without the "File:" part.
  • logo_size
    • Anything [[File:xyz|]] accepts as a value
  • screenshot
    • The filename in the wiki, without the "File:" part.
  • screenshot_description
    • This description appears below the image in small style
  • screenshot_size
    • Anything [[File:xyz|]] accepts as a value
  • oauthor
    • The original author
  • developers
    • Current developer or developers
  • initialrelease
    • Date of the first release
  • stablerelease
    • Date of stable release
  • developmentstatus
  • writtenin
    • Programming Language(s) used in the project
  • operatingsystem
    • OS this software runs on
  • platform
  • downloadpage
  • language
    • Language(s) the software is available in
  • type
    • Like VoIP, Game, etc.
  • license
  • website
    • Project website
  • fdroid
  • googleplay
  • applestore
    • shows an apple app store icon
  • forkof
    • URL of the origins project webpage
  • sourcecode
    • URL to the sourcecode
  • notes
  • pluginfor
    • If the software is a plugin for another software then link it here
  • belongsto
    • If the software belongs to another one, for example an Android app y for app x, then link it here


See Plumble.