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There are several browser based interfaces which can be used to administrate the Murmur server. If you need something very basic or want to create your own interface you should take a look at Murmur's script folder which contains some basic web-interface examples which use Ice or DBus. Additionally the following table contains a collection of more elaborate Web-Interfaces:

Name Technology License Current Version Last Release DBus Ice 1.1.x 1.2.x Comment Weblink
MAP PHP GPLv3 V2.4.2 2011-04-17 Yes Yes Yes Yes Serverhosting; Permissionssystem; Webinterface to manage Server User, Plugin User and virtual Servers; request function for Server Users; uses DBUS or Slice or nothing; Channelviewer for own homepage; Logging functions; German, English, Frensh; Template functions and more! DBUS is supported in all Versions <= V2.2.1! [1]
Mumble-Django Python + Django GPLv3 V2.4 2010-11-14 Yes Yes Yes Yes Channel viewer (internal and support for others), admin panel, IPv6, Channel Viewer Protocol, Munin plugin, CLI, supports multiple servers and instances, user registration, textures, gravatar, translated to English, German, French, Italian and Japanese [2]
MumPI PHP LGPLv3 V2.2.3 2010-12-05 No Yes Yes Yes Admin and User functionality; multiserver (start, stop, add, remove, edit virtual servers), registration & online user management, interface admin, admin-group and permission system, serverviewer [3]
PHP Mumble Admin PHP GPLv3 V0.4.0 2011-10-04 No Yes No Yes Complet administration panel control for murmur designed for multiple virtual server. Website [4]
Mumbled Admin PHP -- V0.2 2010-01-22 No Yes No Yes visit: http://mumbled.de/content/238/mumbled-phpice-webinterface [5]

Note: We recommend using a preferably Ice or at least DBus capable interface.

Standalone Applications

Name OS DBus Ice Comment Weblink
Murmur Admin Console Windows Yes No Addaa, edit and delete players over SSH [6]


Name OS DBus Ice Comment Weblink
mice multi-platform No Yes Helper script written in Python [7]
RegMum Windows Yes No Bat script [8]
mmctl Python Yes No 1.1.8 - Easy to use script for managing servers and adding users locally [9]
Murmur-manager Ruby Yes Yes 1.2.1 GitHub

Channel Viewers

Name Type Platform Protocol Comment Weblink
Mumble.com Web Javascript Channel Viewer Protocol Enter the URL to the JSON encoded Channel Viewer Protocol provided by your Mumble host to create a unique channel viewer. Mumble.com Status Tool

FlaskCVP Web Python, Flask Channel Viewer Protocol A minimalistic CVP provider written using Mumble-Django's connection library and the Flask framework. flaskcvp.py
GTMurmur Web Binary Proprietary + Channel Viewer Protocol Server-side binary for Murmur which adds support for GameTracker.com queries. GameTracker.com
MurmurQuery Web PHP Proprietary + Channel Viewer Protocol MurmurQuery is a PHP class based on GT Murmur Plugin & used for querying Murmur servers. GitHub
MAP - Mumb1e Admin Plugin Web PHP Proprietary Full Channelviewer controlling and editing in MAP! You can also include this CV by iframe into your homepage. And you can edit your whole server by all the functions of MAP! Mumb1e.de
Murmur-manager Web Ruby Proprietary GitHub
MumbleReader Web PHP/Javascript Channel Viewer Protocol Webpage


MumPI Web PHP/Javascript Proprietary

provides Channel Viewer Protocol

JS-Viewer uses own protocoll/calls to MumPI.

MumPI provides JSON-Channel Viewer Protocol-webservice for other viewers.

MView Web Javascript Channel Viewer Protocol JS-Viewer injecting HTML (no evil iframes etc necessary!). MView @Github
Mumble Watcher Desktop QT/KDE Channel Viewer Protocol Useful if you want to see who's online in a Desktop app without actually connecting, e.g. because you're on a PC without a proper headset. BitBucket
Mumble-Django Web JavaScript Channel Viewer Protocol An ExtJS component that inherits Ext.tree.TreeView to build a channel viewer. BitBucket Documentation
Web PHP/JavaScript/EQdkp-Plus/Joomla!/WordPress Channel Viewer Protocol A robust channel viewer that has been packaged into several different formats for popular Content Management Systems. You can easily change the icons and colors used. Module for EQdkp-Plus

Extension for Joomla!

Plugin for WordPress

PHP only

JavaScript only

JavaScript Documentation

Source code

PHP Mumble Viewer Web PHP Ice phpmumbleviewer.coolcow.org
Voice Comms Viewer Web JavaScript Channel Viewer Protocol A site that creates Channel Viewers for Mumble, Teamspeak & Ventrilo using the Channel Viewer Protocol commsviewer.com

Miscellaneous Scripts

Name Type Platform Protocol Comment Weblink
Evebot Bot Python Mumble client Relays comms from one channel to another with a delay (to synchronise comms for time-delayed game spectators, for example) Evebot
Mumo Bot Python ICE Highly extensible script that can use external events (such as gamestate changes) to dynamically shuffle users into channels and groups. Support for various user states and the game "Battlefield 2". MuMo